Why Do People Fail in Their Career ?

Yes, It's a bold statement to write a blog on but it might be relatable to many Consultant in the United states or anywhere and not even restricted to IT but in the overall industry.

US Consultants or IT professionals often fail in their career, who came to the US with a dream of being successful at every aspect whether its money, fame or a title etc and then got stuck in the Visa consultancy rabbit hole and few of them who got lucky in visa are still struggling in their career due to other reason.

The Sad part is these folks don’t even know whether they are doing good, better, best or even worst ?

Ya ya I have heard the quote that “Everyone will be successful when their time or luck will come” but luck even favours those who want to be successful.

In my 15 years of career I have seen folks who have turned their life from being a driver or waitress to a highly skilled IT professional and I have seen folks who are still struggling to get hold of a single technology, skills or language even after being in the IT industry for 10 years !!! 

I don’t blame 100% but somewhere down the line they are 50%-70% responsible for the current situation they are in but trust me if you are dedicated to improving yourself in any aspect of life everything will work for you and help you but YOU have to put in the effort.

5 Mistakes which leads to career failure - 

1.No Future Goal - this is the biggest and most important point where most professionals fail. I’m not asking to keep a 10 year horizon but try to keep a 5 years horizon and understand where it can lead you.

For example - I have seen many developers or admin who are working on outdated technologies which will be of no use in upcoming years but they are still holding onto it without any future plans

2. Frequent Changes in Technology - for US consultants main issue is frequent change in technology or because they are dependent on Consultancy marketing team and they don’t give a damn about Consultant career, if they got a random role they are applied to it which results into brutal career fails where consultant is still dependent on them and need constant support.

For example - Consultant has worked on CRM then they got placed in Finance then got placed in Dev role, even though consultant has 7 years of experience but they are still struggling like beginners. 

3. No Upscaling - It's not a 90s era where you know a technology, business process or a language and you can chill at a managerial position without learning a single word, we live in Tech era where ecosystem changes every decade, tools in every 5 years and trends like seasons and in this fast pace if you don’t upscale of shift with future way its a sure shot ticket to Failure.

For example - you might be good at what you do but if you upscale with AI or get certification or even get a deep expertise in same area can make you much more success than what you are today.

4. Asking for Guidance or Help - NO one in the world will give you anything without asking, No Job, No Promotion, or Project change is offered to anyone without asking with obvious corporate process. You can get a minimal hike or change but you need to ask what you deserve.

We all many times undermine our value and feel afraid of asking beyond or even in limit thinking it might offend the manager or others but trust me its very important to ASK.

For example- there are 5 fresher join at the same time and after a year 1 of them ask for raise and other does not, it may happen that request might be rejected but if he/she is talented manager will think twice for making decision and for next time they will keep that in mind.

5. Being Ambitious and surrounded by Ambitious - No, I’m not trying to be a motivational speaker but all of the above points make no sense or will never be in action until unless you are ambitious about your career, health, wealth or anything and to be ambitious and be on the right path you need folks how are ambitious.

For example - let's say there are two team members, one who always procrastinates work every time and on the other hand someone who is learning and achieving new certification, which one will get the best opportunity in future?

you know the answer right !!!

Obviously a blog post can’t cover everything it can ignite the spark or motivate you but it's YOU who can change your career path either SUCCESS or FAILURE.

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