LOGROVA is a Consulting firm founded by US IT Consulting experts with over 11 years of experience in US IT Recruitment, Training and Bench sales marketing, 

In last decade our founding experts has accomplished multiple success including 100+ placement, 50+ happy clients within various verticals, domain and technologies.

Logrova has started this new journey to improve the current market unprofessional behaviour where IT consulting firm leeching from consultant by giving pennies on dollar while most of the efforts where of consultants, we don't believe in Employer - Employee relationship and this is not just for sack of saying but we also split earning between consultant in fixed and transparent manner. 

In last decade our experts has established important relationship with Clients, Prime Vendors, Sub-Vendors which help Logrova to excel and perform faster with trust. 

LOGROVA word is derived from two words : LOGRO (Achievement in Spanish) and VA (is value adding) , which means Value adding to Achievement, we believe that everyone can achieve whatever they want doesn't matter how big or small that thing is and keeping same philosophy in IT and Non-IT consultancy we believe that anyone can achieve any role starting from Associate to C-level executive or whole 360 degree change in roles.

Our journey has just started with a mission to help US, Canada Immigrates to get better Opportunity and better earning. 

Lets Achieve something,,, 

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