Any Chance for H1b Third Lottery 2023-24 ?


USCIS recently announced the second round of the H-1B lottery for FY 2024, a positive development for applicants who were not selected in the first round.

However, if you are one of those who did not get a chance in the second round of the lottery, then there is still a chance that the third round of the lottery could take place if the number of petitions submitted by October 31 falls short of expectations. The third lottery appears to be shocking news in 2021-22, but this year, if the third lottery is held by USCIS this year(2023-24, it won't be a surprise based on duplicate registration numbers and tightened vigilance due to H1B visa abrogation and the huge number of potentially "fraudulent" applicants in the lottery. A proliferated 780,000+ registrations were submitted in the first round of the H-1B lottery, which is 3x the record in the last 4 years, but about 408,000+ were duplicate or multiple registrations, leading to a number of disqualifications from first-round applicants who submitted their H-1B petitions during the initial registration window from April to June 2023. Of course, this is only a vague prediction and does not guarantee that the third round of the lottery will actually happen, but based on past facts and figures across the internet we are sure. Potential H1b visa applicants may have hope for next steps in preparation or finding an alternative to the next steps of the visa journey. Stay tuned for another blog on alternative routes and advice on success with Logrova.

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